MakeWorks: A Co-Working Space that Mixes Physical and Digital

We live in an exciting time where the Internet of Things and connected devices are rapidly breaking down barriers between the physical and digital world. MakeWorks is at the frontier of what is happening, as a co-working space designed for connected devices.

Here is an interview with the founder, Mike. 

1) Describe what Makeworks is.

MakeWorks is Toronto’s first coworking studio of its kind, catering to both digital and physical focused startups. The 10,000 sq ft facility is located in a restored shoe factory, and broken up into four parts: a coworking space seating 120 people; a prototyping and electronics lab; a makerspace, and a large event space for meetups, prototyping and pop-up concepts.

2) What is the ultimate vision behind Makeworks?

​To be Canada’s leading coworking studio and community platform for entrepreneurs all along the digital-physical spectrum.

3) What are some examples of cool projects being built in Makeworks?

Sprout Guerilla (moss grafitti wall art), Pawly ​(robotic dog companion), Orchard (used smartphone buying platform), Makelab (creative technology experiential agency), Sensimat (smart wheelchair technology), and many more applying every day!

4) How does one become a part of the Makeworks community?

​Simply apply at and schedule a tour with Steph, our GM!​
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