Emerging Technologies

At code(love), we’re focused on articles, discussions, and tutorials around the following six categories of technologies (click on any of the six to get access to specific resources):

Blockchain/cryptocurrencies and the distributed payments and decentralized organizations they will bring.

Data science/artificial intelligence and the capacity to automate and scale intelligent treatment of ever-multiplying data.

Web development and UX design principles that will help you build assets on the Internet, from websites, applications to portfolio and business pages.

Product and growth articles that will help you refine your basic web properties into impactful applications.

Personal cybersecurity articles that will help you stay safe doing all this.

Quantum computing and how it interacts with machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies.

The point of this is to simplify all of these concepts and ideals so that you can build things meaningfully and securely that achieve your goals, while minimizing worry about both monetary and learning cost.