The best programming language for beginners to learn (an interactive list)

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At code(love), we believe in interactivity and participation.

Instead of treating our opinions as facts, we’ve decided to let people from all over vote and comment on what the best programming language for beginners is. Feel free to participate: all input is valued!

Comment below on why you voted for the programming language you chose, and argue your way civilly with proponents of other languages.


The author

Roger is an entrepreneur who has co-founded a social network entitled ThoughtBasin that looks to connect students looking to make a difference with organizations looking for difference makers. This experience has given him some setbacks, but also some priceless insights. He is deferring admission from the law school of University of Toronto to pursue his dream of creating impact through entrepreneurship, and he is constantly looking to learn and create, and to do more. He contributes to social entrepreneurship projects with his fellow Global Shapers, coordinates a volunteer tutoring site, and on his off time he unwinds by reading, writing, and dancing---sometimes, all at the same time. Follow him on Twitter at