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reSRC: So Many Free Learning Resources for Code

Hats off to the people behind reSRC for striving to organize basically every free learning resource about programming—in a way that makes these resources accessible for all.

The organization not only embraces free knowledge, but is built on a foundation of open-source: those that are so inclined can contribute to the list of free programming books, list of free resources on Javascript frameworks, and the list of free interactive resources one can play around with to learn code.

There’s a wonderful consonance to the whole thing. reSRC represents a project that can very quickly have impact at no monetary cost. It feels a bit like what the future of learning could be: an organized mosaic of resources inspired learners drive themselves to, held in an area where people who are intrinsically motivated to learn can build out paths for others to follow them.

Let’s hope to find more initiatives in this vein.

Spring 2012 Student Hackathon Coding. 3. Newer Older. Photo by @matylda

Programming resources with code(love)/Photo by @matylda


For more about reSRC, click here.

To contribute to reSRC, click here.

reSRC is being developed by victor felder and martin maillard. Backend is Django, frontend is Zurb Foundation.