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Open News

Bootstrap Love

Open News is a new section of code(love) dedicated to announcing resources that will help entrepreneurs, cool new technologies, or open-source/open-data applications that will change the world with no dollar signs attached. 
If you think this is a good outlet for your story, email us at [email protected].
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Bootstrap Love with code(love) 

Bootstrap Love is a new initiative by Montreal marketing agency Brendan & Brendan to help provide bootstrapped startups with the essentials of startup marketing they’ll need to help grow their ideas.

“Sometimes all an early stage company needs is a one off item. We think of it as a sort of pit stop for the self-funded business”, said Beth Thouin of Brendan & Brendan.

It covers the whole host of essentials any startup needs to get its’ foot in the door of early users, press members, and investors: from PR kits, to good blog content.

Check it out!