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An essential entrepreneurial trait you must know.

I believe entrepreneurs have a slightly different worldview than the average fellow. They wake up excited every day, but also a bit scared because the day’s event can always be unpredictable.

Their mentality is different and their entrepreneurial quest to achieve something great allows them to overcome arduous, draining, and never-ending stumbling blocks that come with the journey. Many of these individuals possess the same entrepreneurial character, which derives from nourishment or circumstances in their lives that push them to find an answer to a lingering problem.

Entrepreneurs don’t believe in the status quo.

The Entrepreneur Path with code(love)

The Entrepreneur Path with code(love)

Entrepreneurs don’t believe in the status quo.

That term doesn’t hold truth and more often than not, a courageous individual from a different background will create something that shatters the notion that status is just as valuable as one’s product.

Some entrepreneurs have a special trait that society, for the most part, considers a flaw.

However, they flip it and use that flaw in a manner that drives them to great lengths. Insecurity is that characteristic and that trait can be the catalyst to one’s success if they use it to their advantage.

Insecurity can lead individuals to work so much harder than their competitors because of the fear of failing that looms constantly in their mind. It leads some entrepreneurs to stay up all night, perfecting their craft because of the fear that someone else will get the better of them.

The drive to never settle can drive a person to great heights. Farrah Gray, a noted entrepreneur, put it best: “Comfort is the enemy of achievement.” If you’re constantly looking to challenge yourself,  you will grow stronger. Pain can be good. 

This trait explains why so many entrepreneurs are dyslexic, or come from difficult entrepreneurial backgrounds. This is what Malcolm Gladwell was alluding to in his novel “Outliers”; using a pre-conceived flaw and turning it into a strength. This entrepreneurial trait is rarely talked about, but its importance cannot be understated.


This is the story of Joel Musambi. He is one of the founders behind Flexsports. They want to create a platform that links great college sporting prospects with coaches across North America, helping them to realize their goal of achievement in sports. They’re raising money, check it out. If you have a similar story you want to get the views it deserves, email us at [email protected]