Full Stack Engineer (Thunkable)

Requirements: Strong communication skills, clean code, and ideally, experience in React, ExpressJS, GraphQL, Node, React Native, Expo, Kubernetes, iOS, Android. No explicit mention of a degree in either required or preferred qualifications.

Company Link and DescriptionThunkable

Thunkable allows anybody to create mobile apps without code.

Job Linkhttps://thunkable.com/#/careers

Location: San Francisco

Frontend Engineer (Mixpanel)

Requirements: Strong Javascript experience for the Austin role. Experience with JavaScript for the Seattle role. Both roles don’t explicitly require a degree of any kind.

Company Link and DescriptionMixpanel.

Grow your business by learning why users convert, engage, and retain.

Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps. Then send messages and run experiments from what you learned–all in Mixpanel.

Job Linkhttps://boards.greenhouse.io/mixpanel/jobs/1619053?gh_jid=1619053 Austin

https://boards.greenhouse.io/mixpanel/jobs/1619036?gh_jid=1619036 Seattle

Location: Austin, Seattle