I’m writing on the visions that power entrepreneurs, what they see in the future in their field, and what lessons they’ve learned chasing those dreams.

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Build with code(love)

Build will be a collection of short stories on entrepreneurs, each categorized as the future of whichever field they’re working in. That will be juxtaposed with some facts and figures provided outside of the interview.

A section of Build on the “Future of Devices” will feature Entrepreneur A working in Internet of Things talking about what they are going to be doing with their startup, and what is their guiding vision. It will be balanced by some quotes from IBM and other companies working in the same field so that there will be a full definition of the concept, and how the field is moving forward.

Narratives between different sections will be interwoven, then brought together into a conclusion that will be a coherent vision of the future.

I’m looking to transform the way the audience sees the future being built, and give them a clear explanation of how, and why new ideas are built emerge, so they can appreciate them, and in turn build their own.

If that sounds interesting, follow me on Twitter, and help me build this by pinging me your stories.

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Some interviews (of which videos will be available to those signing up on the mailing list.)

Future of Politics—Harper Reed (CTO, Obama for America 2012)

Future of Education—Eren Bali (CEO, and Founder Udemy)

Future of Advice—Dan Martell (CEO, and Founder Clarity.FM) 

Future of Cities—Shaun Abrahamson (Founder Urban.US)

Future of Content—Renee Warren and Heather Anne Carson (Founders, Contently) 


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